Why Millennials are Buying Antiques in Santa Barbara

Estate sales are enjoying an influx of millennial buyers, as waves of this generation move into homes of their own.

As a result, millennials are turning their attention as much towards estate sales as they are Craigslist or EBay when looking for great deals on antiques in Santa Barbara.

Millennials love good deals on used, high-quality antiques

There are plenty of reasons millennials are hitting-up estate sales, not the least of which is the ability to find high-quality furniture and furnishings for reasonable prices. Estate sale appeal also includes:

Mid-Century modern furniture

Mid-Century modern furniture and furnishings continue to trend, which means those 1950s Swedish end tables and the low-profile sofa from your grandparent's formal living room will probably move pretty quickly.  

They're trained to live on a budget

The millennial generation came into their teenage and young-adulthood in the midst of a market boom - and a market crash. Combine that with the increasing costs of college and university (leading to heavy student loan burdens), and it makes sense that the majority of millennials are trained to live on a budget. This makes estate sales an ideal shopping ground, rich with antiques and Santa Barbara artistic/eclectic finds to deck out their new apartments and homes.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Millennials are steeped in eco-consciousness, and that imbues them with a desire to purchase reused, recycled and up-cycled items over cheap, factory-made versions that are imported from overseas.

Also, as the result of YouTube and bloggers', "you can do anything," DIY approach, this generation isn't afraid to reupholster, re-paint or refinish a great estate sale find if they know there are good bones underneath. 

Costume jewelry and period adornment abounds

While Mad Men may have inspired the mid-century modern affinity noted above, British period-pieces like Downton Abbey have inspired a love of costume jewelry and period-esque wardrobe accessories in much younger generations.

Estate sales have long been known for their abundance of costume pieces, and other generational collectibles that previously sat by the wayside. If your estate abounds with grandma's fashionable wardrobe favorites, display them in sets or as part of another wardrobe piece to draw the eye and they'll be happily purchased by a generation that has a media-fed nostalgia for bygone eras.

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chad ratliffe