For Attorneys - How Choosing the Right Estate Sale Representation Can Make You Money

As an estate attorney, your first obligation is to the initial estate client(s), and your second is to the estate's beneficiaries after your client(s) has passed on.

In the latter capacity, the right estate sale representative makes a tremendous difference when it comes to settling the physical aspects of the estate after bequeaths have been disseminated to relevant parties and to maximizing profits. 

5 Ways the Right Estate Sale Representation Assists Attorneys

Experienced, knowledgeable and reputable estate sales professionals facilitate the settlement of estates - and optimize final payments to you and your clients in multiple ways:

Certified Antique Appraisals

While some families want to "save money" by handling a DIY garage sale version of an estate sale, this is a big mistake. Often, there are antique or collectible pieces tucked away that are worth far more than the client or their heirs are aware - or vice versa - and we provide evidence-based values. 

What a mistake to sell a sweet, vintage luggage set for $40 when it's really worth $125 or more. Clients may think it's nifty when people unload those old Ball and Mason jars for $10 a piece when, in fact, certain rare versions collect anywhere from $100 to $400 or more - and that's just the beginning.

Estate sale professionals evaluate the contents of homes, attics and basements, identifying any items worth far more than average, non-collectors might imagine so they're sold at market-worthy price. 

The result is that attorneys and clients make more money, and your brand's word-of-mouth reputation benefits.

Santa Barbara estate sales experts have niche contacts

Experienced estate sale representatives have niche contacts in virtually every arena within the antique, vintage and collectible realm. We make targeted calls when we come across a piece or item that matches an existing client's or contact's interests. 

We make the call, facilitate the transaction directly with our client at the best price, and ensure the sale of an item that might have been overlooked or never sold at all during a weekend-only garage or estate sale.

Estate liquidation experts also have multiple outlets through which we can sell remaining items, meaning more assets sold and less that require disposal afterwards.

Much of the leg work is handled for you and the clients

Clearing out a home - particularly one that's been lived in for multiple decades - is no easy feat. It often involves multiple layers of service providers who must be coordinated to sort through, sell, donate, and/or trash contents as needed and establish a timeline and procedure for the liquidation of furnishings, antiques and collectibles. 

By the time we're done, houses are typically empty or almost empty, ready for the cleaning crew to prepare it for the sale. This simplifies the time required to coordinate logistics and oversee the process via your own, payrolled agents which means more money in the collective coffers.

Optimize overall client satisfaction with your work

Reputable estate sales companies prioritize client satisfaction rather than "landing the next job" or solely focusing on profits. They also provide honest and accurate assessments of the true value - and projected sales - from an estate's liquidation. This is key because inexperienced or sham estate liquidators throw hyper-inflated sales projections on the table just to get jobs.

Unfortunately, this leads to dissatisfied clients and can wind up costing the estate money when fees associate with disposing of non-liquidated items exceed any monies earned from the sale.

Estate attorneys who take the time to establish long-lasting benefits with reputable, Santa Barbara estate and liquidation professionals will find it's well-worth it in job's well done and higher-end profit margins.

chad ratliffe