Estate Sales: The Basics

With the pace of modern technology and platforms like LetGo, Etsy and Craigslist, selling your stuff has never been easier. But when you are faced with the reality of an Estate full of antiques, collectibles, and old furniture, letting go of valuable items without an appraisal could be the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are someone who is having an Estate Sale in Santa Barbara, here are a few things to note.

What is it even worth?

Let us explain. In Estate Sales, it is a well-known statistic that 90% of the value is in 10% of the items in most Estates. That means that the sentimental Mickey Mouse lunch box from childhood may mean the world to the owner, but almost no money, and that silver dining room set could be worth a trip to Cabo. This means that finding a seasoned appraiser for adrift estate items is vital. With a certified personal property appraiser, your valuables are seen by buyers via advertising and internet listings. Estate Sales in Santa Barbara can broaden your reach for a wider audience to shop your items, rather than just to local buyers. 

Be a Hoarder

Against the tide of modern minimalists, when dealing with Estate Sales- don't throw anything away. Until you have a professional review all of the items in an Estate Sale, do not toss anything. Professional Appraisers are seasoned vets at identifying valuable items and can provide tips and tricks for increasing the return on your Estate Sale. Patience is a virtue in Estate Sales, and cash could be the reward. Don't miss out on valuable items in your estate, Estate Sales in Santa Barbara has the ability to professionally price and appraise your items. 

This is Non-Negotiable

The difference between having an item appraised and someone having an offer on that item could be night and day. The selling price will depend on the current demand of certain valuables, so ensuring you get paid the maximum price for your valuables is worth hiring a professional. Estate Sales in Santa Barbara proudly sold more than $1,000,000 of personal property in 2016. This means that Estate Sales in Santa Barbara is experienced at maximizing their clients return. 

What is Selling

Having an Estate Sale can be a very tender and emotional process. Some sellers are faced with the reality that their precious belongings are going cheaply. There is an obvious trend in the buying market towards simple, sleeker furnishings. Many generation X and Y buyers are attracted to purchasing from mainstream furniture chains. With a Professional Appraiser, your items will be advertised appropriately and ideally marketed towards your proper buyers. This will enable you to maximize your potential earnings with advertising and finding new owners for your sought after items.

When all of your valuables are sold and you feel satisfied with the assistance of a professional from Estate Sales in Santa Barbara, facing the reality of an empty estate can be emotional. At Estate Sales in Santa Barbara, you can rest assured that your items will find a new and appreciative owner. 

chad ratliffe