Got Vision? Tackle Antique Jewelry Shopping with a Vision

It's all about the vision! The key to Antique shopping is to go in with an idea of what you want. My advice is to approach Antique Shopping with a specific goal in mind. May it be to spruce up your current wardrobe or find something fresh for your significant other, having an idea in mind of what you're looking for will help you focus your energy on finding it! If you happen to have a couple minutes right now, read about my Antique Jewelry Shopping Success at Antique Center Mall in Santa Barbara…

It was a beautiful, late fall day in Santa Barbara and I let the cool evening breeze fill my lungs. My little sister's 18th birthday was coming up and I wanted to make sure I got her something special. I followed my bliss to the charming Antique Jewelry Store in Santa Barbara, Antique Center Mall. I entered to another world of hidden treasures, eclectic collections of antiques and one-of-a-kind jewelry. As I took it all in, I decided to browse the jewelry section and see if there was something feminine and mature for my sister. 

The wide variety of jewelry was breathtaking, I was captivated as I moved from one section to another. Several gold and silver necklaces grabbed my attention, but then out of nowhere, a pair of earrings seemed to jump out and say hello! Two light pink pearl earrings detailed with a silver engravement dangled on a lifted earring stand. Something about them was innocent yet alluring. They were not shiny, but a matte light pink and dangled perfectly down the top of the neck. I could imagine my little sister wearing them, with her stylish wardrobe of modern clothes the earrings would add an air of sophistication. I decided they were the ones. 

With an Antique-Shopping-High, I decided to continue my search for hidden treasures. I figured just the earrings alone could seem a bit out of place. I needed something elegant to wrap them in. I slowly walked around the store, viewing extravagant antique furniture and quaint and sleek smaller pieces. My attention shifted over to a coffee table decorated with brilliant, embroidered white handkerchiefs. I lifted each one into the light and observed their snowflake details. The last one I picked up had a distinct rigid outer lining and royal imprints, fit for a princess. I decided the handkerchief would be the perfect gift wrap for the elegant, pink earrings. I effortlessly purchased my new found treasures at the Antique Jewelry Store in Santa Barbara, Antique Center Mall, wrote my sister a letter and sent off the gift in the mail. 

To this day my sister wears those pink dangly earrings to special events and celebrations and keeps the embroidered white handkerchief in her top drawer for when she needs something beautiful to look at. There is a wealth in discovering and sharing Antique Jewelry. Antique Center Mall in Santa Barbara was the perfect place to go in with a vision and allow yourself to wanderlust through a maze of magnificent Antique Jewelry. 

chad ratliffe