11 Reasons You Should Go Antique Shopping This Weekend

Tired of mass produced, cheaply-made furniture?  How about finding some furniture you don't have to assemble when you get home? Then let's find one-of-a-kind, magnificent antiques to spruce up your home. Here are 11 reasons to go Antique shopping this weekend at Antique Store Santa Barbara. 

1. Mystery awaits! There is an air of excitement when entering Antique Center Mall in Santa Barbara and potentially discovering a treasure for your home. Whether that be top notch furniture or classic jewelry, Antique Center Mall has the premiere collection of antiques in Santa Barbara.  

2. Antiques tell a story. Antiques can help owners discover stories and mysteries of another era through unique designs and styles. Antiques carry the weight of past conversations, customs, and traditions. Even nicks, scuffed details, and imprints can help tell the story of a unique antique, and this can add charm to a stiff living space. 

3. Antiques are eco-friendly! Unlike major furniture retail brands who manufacture mass amounts of plastic and materials, antiques are reused. By purchasing Antiques you are extending the item's life cycle and preventing more waste.

4. Antique furniture is usually very well made. Durability and longevity is a guarantee when purchasing quality antiques compared to basic chain furniture merchandise. A coffee table that has lasted through 200 years of tea parties is most-likely very well made. Antique furniture with scuffs, marks, and imperfections are usually appreciated and accepted- adding style to the piece. 

5. Antiques have soul. When designing the interior of your home, the slightest adjustments, juxtapositions and aesthetic contrasts can change the 'soul' of the space. When contrasting modern or new furniture with Antiques, you can create a balanced, comforting yet fresh atmosphere. 

6. Antiques are classic, they never go out of style. A well-made dresser set or unique lamp will stand out as a stylish and risk-taking. Antiques can be adjusted according to evolving trends. Adding colorful knick-knacks or even painting antique wood can help modernize any unique piece. 

7. Rich looking furniture helps daily confidence. Using elegant pieces and unique fixtures in your living space can provide boosts of energy and inspiration. Rather than mundane, basic furniture, Antiques can provide richness and a royal air. 

8. You won't have the same furniture as everyone else. Owning antiques can give you a leg up when entertaining or trying to impress acquaintances. Create a one-of-a-kind space with antique furniture and accessories.

9. Antiques are a conversation piece. A fun part about owning Antiques is learning about the history of each piece and sharing your knowledge with family and friends. When gaining knowledge about your antique you have the opportunity to pass the item down to family members and enrich their home. 

10. Antiques retain or increase in value. If an antique is well-cared for it can go up in value over time. Many experts say right now is a good time to invest in antiques because they are a good investment in the long run. 

11. It's a race! There's is a feeling of discovery when Antique Shopping because you might be discovering a rare piece no one else has. Embrace the feeling of adventure and head to Antique Store Santa Barbara!

chad ratliffe