Value Vs. Sentimental Antiques Santa Barbara

    It is no secret that California is filled with a unique blend of people and places.  Antiques Santa Barbara are sought after commodities for many reasons including the rich history they have to offer.  There are many instances where antiques do nothing but gather dust in a hidden corner of your grandparent's house.  Other times, they become an amazing focal point in the center of your newly furnished dining room.  No matter what their purpose, antiques have a way of finding their place in any situation.  If you happen to stumble upon an interesting item or are responsible for an estate filled with vintage furniture, it is important to know the ins and outs of the world of antiques.  Experience everything antiques Santa Barbara has to offer by making sure you're keeping up with what's going on.   

History Class       

    While this may seem like a fairly obvious point, it is always important to know the history of an item before buying or selling.  There have been instances of hand carved end tables being sold at yard sales for a fraction of what they are actually worth.  On the other hand, there are also plenty of horror stories of people being ripped off by sub-par dealers not giving then their fair share.  By knowing the exact worth, or even ballpark figure, of an item, you protect yourself from anyone looking to take advantage.

Trash or Treasure?     

    You may have sold your grandfather's Civil War musket for a pretty penny and are thinking about trying your luck with a tea set that no longer matches your color scheme.  This is where people tend to get their hopes up only to be let down.  Something may seem important or expensive, but it not really worth much at all.  Check out the brand, pattern, or craftsman to see if you have a hidden gem or just more mass produced junk.

When to Hang On  

    Sometimes, sentimental value does not register on a person's radar.  You may think that hanging onto items with low monetary value is unnecessary, however, you may be wrong.  Antiques Santa Barbara include everything from the expensive to the eclectic.  Your great uncle's portrait of Mozart is worth hanging onto until you find someone who will appreciate it just as much as he did.  Remember that you can sometimes pass on sentimental value just as easily as anything else.   

David DeLisle