Why Nobody Wants Grandma's China by Estate Sales In Santa Barbara

Picture this: your grandmother just passed away, and you find out that she has made you the executor of her will. Now it’s time for you to tie up all the loose ends of her life, including reallocating her possessions. Among other things, she’s left behind her beloved set of antique china dishes.

Now, nice sets of china were once a must-have status symbol for any middle- or upper class household, but they’ve fallen out of fashion these days and none of Grandma’s beneficiaries want to keep it. The most obvious way to proceed, then, is to try to sell it along with the other things in the house, so you put together a garage sale.

You make a fair number of sales, but the china sits untouched, barely even looked at. You try again, and it’s the same story. No matter what you do, people just keep passing over it. At this point, you might be wondering if you’ll ever be able to move these dishes, even if you continue to undercut your already low price. You might even have started to wonder if they might actually be worthless. Why won’t this china sell?

Don’t get discouraged; the china probably does have value, and not even just in the sentimental sense. It’s your approach to selling it that is keeping it from finding a new home. People who are frequenting garage sales or looking at classified ads are not usually expecting to find top-of-the-line items in their searches. They’re hunting for common everyday items like old electronics, toys, DVDs, and other small items that most households have and that other households frequently use. Some of these shoppers may be happy to come across something a little more upscale, but most aren’t in the market for china.

People who really do want real, luxurious fine china are using different channels to find their prospective buys. They know that you can’t find that kind of thing just anywhere, and they’re less concerned with paying rock-bottom prices for it than they are with actually finding it available for purchase in the first place. For that reason, they’re more likely to do their shopping through more specialized vendors like curated shops and independent antiques dealers. This means that if you’re in charge of cleaning out a deceased person’s home and the contents include many higher-end items like this, your best bet to sell them might just be to hire an estate sale company.

As front-runners in the market for estate sales in Santa Barbara, we know how helpful our services can be. An estate sale company helps families deal with the sizable job of selling off the unclaimed items in a deceased person’s estate (sometimes they also deal with living clients who need to quickly dispose of many of their possessions, but this is more rare). Not only does this eliminate the hassle of having to personally sell or dispose of all those miscellaneous objects, but you’re likely to get a much better price for them that better reflects their true market value. For the sake of expediency, companies may not always deal with all personal effects and household items, but many will do whole-house jobs (for anyone looking for estate sales in Santa Barbara, you should know that we do this). An estimated 12,300 estate sales are being held each month all across America, and the option is only getting more popular.

Usually, estate sale companies will also have special antique appraisal services and other specialized knowledge that lets them properly present and price your more valuable items. There’s an extra layer of professionalism to the whole affair that makes estate sales more attractive than garage sales to the upscale buyer – we see many such people at our estate sales in Santa Barbara. This means that the items will probably also end up with someone who appreciates them as their previous owners did, just as your loved ones would have wanted. Some items for which estate sale services can be particularly helpful include things like:

-antique jewelry
-fine furniture
-works of art
-and yes, china dishes

If you’re in the Santa Barbara area, EstateSalesInSantaBarbara.com can help take care of the estate liquidation as you work on getting your loved one’s final affairs in order. We’re run by the same family as the well-established Antique Center Mall in Santa Barbara, so you can trust that we know what we’re doing when it comes to antique appraisals. Last year alone, we processed over $1 million in transactions at our estate sales in Santa Barbara, further proving that we can handle just about any job. Don’t let that treasured china sit in a box cluttering up your attic – we’ll help you find a new owner for it and get you top dollar for your estate!

David DeLisle