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When you search Antique Appraiser Santa Barbara make sure you find our team. We keep our ears to the ground to ensure we are on top of what is trending in antiquities so we can offer you the best and most reliable advice in the market. 

The End of 2016 saw the antique market enter somewhat of a stalemate. Political uncertainty, in the United States and abroad, kept many a collector at home.

The political climate and the cyclical nature of valuing antiquities, therefore, made trying to piece together a clear picture of what it hot and what is not a challenge. 

When you search Antique Appraiser Santa Barbara and become a client of ours rest assured you are dealing with a team that is experienced, educated and at the top of the antique game. 

Through our experience and understanding of the antique market, we are able to provide the following thoughts on two key areas of importance to our clients.


The change in the way we are living our lives is certainly driving the trends in antique furniture. No longer is furniture used as a centerpiece of our homes. The way we entertain ourselves, and others, is completely different to the way our grandparent did and this has impacted the antique furniture market.

This is important as baby boomers inherit the furniture of their parents that may no longer have a sustainable market.

Unique, one-off pieces will continue to appreciate, however, the mid-range brown furniture our grandparents had in their homes are expected to remain flat. Dining table sets and furniture designed to hide televisions or entertainment units are losing value as the tastes of buyers shifts.

We are, however, seeing some value in mid-century modern furniture whose clean lines and minimalism suits our modern tastes. We expect pieces in this genre to rise in value.

Fine art

Post-war and contemporary art continues to be valued within the market. Pieces from this era continue to be sought after and pursued by collectors. The Death of David Bowie has also seen a rise in popularity of modern Scottish artists. English artists are also seeing interest from collectors and should appreciate in price over the coming year.

The Old Masters should also see growth, however, a recent spate of fakes infiltrating the market has seen confidence shift and this could impact prices negatively in the future.


While the two areas above often capture the bulk of attention there are emerging areas of antiquities that are gaining traction that could lead to rising prices.

The middle class of China continues to flex its economic muscle and as a result, pieces that celebrate China's history are in high demand. Chinese furniture and decorative pieces are being sought after and should fetch high prices.

Handmade and unique American craft is also emerging as a favorite of buyers. Pieces by Native American and African American artists are also seeing strong interest.

The antique market may be subdued, however, we believe that a strong showing is in store for 2017. There are markets that are sustaining growth and emerging markets with opportunity. With the internet now a significant player in antiquities the value of an experienced appraiser is becoming even more necessary.

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David DeLisle